Winter Wonderland

Christmas is just around the corner. We have already had a large amount of the white stuff dumped in our backyard and it’s only December 4. I am fortunate to have a back yard that adjoins the 18th hole of a golf course. It becomes my playground when the golfers hibernate for the winter.

I have mentioned before that I am a runner. Last week, just after the storm, I couldn’t decide whether to go for a run, or go out and take pictures. It was a no brainer….go for a run with the camera. So I put on the winter gear, and headed out to the golf course. It was breathtaking. Not a single footprint in the snow yet.

Here are two photos that I took that day. Post processed in Photoshop using the ‘oil paint’ filter.

Lonely Tree Winter Wonderland

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Emerald Forest

My last post was in August. That seems so long ago.

Life has been somewhat busy and yet I don’t really know where the time went. Since the spring, I have run a 15km race, a 30km, a full marathon (42.2km), and two half marathons (21.1km). Training for those long runs takes me to far away places and allows me to see interesting things at all hours of the day. Lots of sunsets and sunrises. Lots of fog. Lots of nature. Lots of fall beauty. Lots of images that I returned to capture with my camera. I’ll post a few of those new photos later this week.

I’ve also had two exhibitions and sales of my limited edition pieces, and am preparing for another show in a few weeks. For now, here is one of the new prints that was sold at the last exhibition. It’s called ‘Emerald Forest’. The sun was streaming through this very dark forest gently illuminating the soft, bright green moss-covered ground. This photo was taken using Intentional Camera Movement – purposely moving the camera during a longer exposure while taking the picture.

Check back soon for a series of new photos.

Emerald Forest

Emerald Forest

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River Lights

Clear skies. No breeze. Calm water.

No cloud action taking place, but the boats, the planes, the stars, the satellites, and the moon lit up the river quite nicely. For some reason the lighthouse lantern never did come on.

230 images later….

230 images layered, lightened, merged, processed in PS

230 images layered, lightened, merged, processed in PS

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Cloud Fireworks

Sunsets and cloud movement on the river have been amazing this past month. I’m soon going to have to find a new photo spot, as the sun is setting earlier and is disappearing behind the hills before its best display.

A regular routine in my house lately; constantly check out the skies and decide at the very last minute whether or not to skip out on dinner and race to the river. A couple of days ago I did exactly that once again, just in time to catch the most breathtaking exhibitions.

First a set of photos straight across the river.  I turned to my right and captured the clouds blowing in a different direction, during the ‘golden hour’, with the sun behind me. I shifted behind me in time to photograph the sunset, which I’ll post later. Bonus! Three sets on the same evening!

Hard to believe the results sometimes. BTW, I have not done any colour enhancement on these photos other than to bring up the shadows and highlights (you lose that definition when you layer and lighten multiple images). The skies were hues of pink, yellow and hazy blue. A friend called them ‘cloud fireworks’. I guess that pretty well explains it.

I have posted a few pics for you to see. The first two are white clouds looking straight across the river – the first image of the set and the 130 stacked images.

Next, the first and last images of the stacked sets for you to see looking down the river – stack of 111 images taken over 15 minutes, and the same scene with 175 images taken over 25 minutes.

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I Called it ‘WOW’….

….because that’s what I was thinking at the time I was sky watching.

Last week I took over 600 photos during a time span of about an hour and a half. I have done two stacked images from those pics so far. This time, I chose only 80 of the photos in the middle of the pack.


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And the heavens opened up…

If you could peek in my backyard, you would see me most nights after supper, at least a dozen times on my deck, checking the clouds and sun. When the time is right, every opportunity I can get, I am racing down to the river to catch the sunsets.

As usual, I wasn’t disappointed. I took over 600 photos. This is a combination of 190 images taken at the beginning of the sunset.

And the heavens opened up...

And the heavens opened up…

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Storm Clouds

I am so fortunate to live outside the city and to be able to see God’s amazing handiwork all around me every day. Even rainy days bring wonderful sites. Here are a few pictures of the storm clouds roaring down the river a few days ago. I took over 400 photos 5 seconds apart. Two of these photos are a combination of 62 pics; the first blending using the lightening mode; the second using the darkening mode. The third photo is one straight out of my camera.

Everyone has their own personal preference. Which one is yours?

Storm Clouds62lightenweb

Storm Cloudsdarken62web


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Feathers in the Sky

The wind, clouds and sunsets combined these past few weeks have left incredible masterpieces in the sky. Last night, at the last minute I decided to take a quick five-minute car ride and head to one of my favourite spots. I got there just in time.

Sky Feathers

Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a time lapse when the skies were so awesome. (396 photos – stacked, lightened, blended, merged, processed in PS) Difficult to decide which one I like the best. The stacked photos are always a pleasant surprise, but the still accentuates the feathers in the sky.

Sky Feathers396

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Fields of Sunshine

It’s the season for golden rod, dandelions and sunflowers in the Ottawa region. Someone once asked me what my favourite flower was. My answer was, ‘Yellow’. I absolutely love yellow roses, yellow sunflowers, yellow buttercups and even yellow dandelions! I can’t say that I love yellow golden rod, although a field of it is quite beautiful to look at.

I’ve seen a number of photo postings of sunflowers lately, and yesterday I found my own fields of sunshine about five minutes from my home. I managed to capture an hours worth of time-lapse pics before the afternoon of storms hit.

You can find some of the photos in but here is my favourite from the windy day. Look closely and you can see the cars zipping by in the background. (340 photos stacked, blended, merged, etc.)

Fields of Sunshine

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Sunset on the Ottawa River

I was asked if the same process of stacking photos works on night pics. Here’s last night’s sunset on the Ottawa River. I was a little disappointed with the sunset, and there wasn’t a lot of cloud movement but enough to give off a beautiful display – along with a satellite and a spinning sailboat anchored in the bay.

(395 pics taken 4 seconds apart)

Sunset on the Ottawa River -395

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