Through the Looking Glass

Recently I decided to take on a photo project, something I haven’t done before. I discovered one day by accident, that if I took a photo looking through a marble the picture flips and reflects everything around it in a sort of fish-eye lens viewpoint. I started experimenting and eventually purchased several sizes of glass balls. These orbs travel with me wherever I go. They are placed on rocks, bridges, benches, tree branches…anywhere that they can be stabilized and can take in the surroundings in an interesting way.

It soon became apparent that I not only had to be aware of the composition of the photo itself, but also the composition within the orb, making sure that it was in complete focus and didn’t reflect any unwanted objects – such as the photographer. Moving the camera in various angles and levels to the orb produced totally different photos.

I have since graduated to real crystal ball with perfect clarity and zero imperfections. Be sure to check back regularly to see the newest orb creations.

Incognito - My Kind of Self Portrait

Incognito – My Kind of Self Portrait

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2 Responses to Through the Looking Glass

  1. MaryU says:

    So creative and beautiful

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