After the Storm

I never thought I’d become a ‘storm chaser’, but yesterday I found myself jumping into the car loaded with equipment to find some action. Seeking out some good lightning shots, I headed off to the open fields near my house. Just as I was setting up the biggest bolt lit up the sky, but of course I wasn’t ready…..and then…. it was over. The storm had passed already. There was a slight wind and bit of drizzle, and that’s it.

Since I was already out, I decided to set up to capture some cloud and sunset movement. A kind police officer came by and kept his eye on me about 500m away, likely wondering what I was up to.

282 shots, 4 seconds apart. Stacked, lightened and blended in photoshop. This is the outcome. Notice the multiple barns? Lesson learned: Don’t set up at the side of the road. Every time a car went by, the tripod shifted a bit. But I especially liked the effect of the wind blowing the grass, so I processed the photos.  Check out the other stacked photos on the site at

After the Storm

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