Cloud Fireworks

Sunsets and cloud movement on the river have been amazing this past month. I’m soon going to have to find a new photo spot, as the sun is setting earlier and is disappearing behind the hills before its best display.

A regular routine in my house lately; constantly check out the skies and decide at the very last minute whether or not to skip out on dinner and race to the river. A couple of days ago I did exactly that once again, just in time to catch the most breathtaking exhibitions.

First a set of photos straight across the river.  I turned to my right and captured the clouds blowing in a different direction, during the ‘golden hour’, with the sun behind me. I shifted behind me in time to photograph the sunset, which I’ll post later. Bonus! Three sets on the same evening!

Hard to believe the results sometimes. BTW, I have not done any colour enhancement on these photos other than to bring up the shadows and highlights (you lose that definition when you layer and lighten multiple images). The skies were hues of pink, yellow and hazy blue. A friend called them ‘cloud fireworks’. I guess that pretty well explains it.

I have posted a few pics for you to see. The first two are white clouds looking straight across the river – the first image of the set and the 130 stacked images.

Next, the first and last images of the stacked sets for you to see looking down the river – stack of 111 images taken over 15 minutes, and the same scene with 175 images taken over 25 minutes.

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