Emerald Forest

My last post was in August. That seems so long ago.

Life has been somewhat busy and yet I don’t really know where the time went. Since the spring, I have run a 15km race, a 30km, a full marathon (42.2km), and two half marathons (21.1km). Training for those long runs takes me to far away places and allows me to see interesting things at all hours of the day. Lots of sunsets and sunrises. Lots of fog. Lots of nature. Lots of fall beauty. Lots of images that I returned to capture with my camera. I’ll post a few of those new photos later this week.

I’ve also had two exhibitions and sales of my limited edition pieces, and am preparing for another show in a few weeks. For now, here is one of the new prints that was sold at the last exhibition. It’s called ‘Emerald Forest’. The sun was streaming through this very dark forest gently illuminating the soft, bright green moss-covered ground. This photo was taken using Intentional Camera Movement – purposely moving the camera during a longer exposure while taking the picture.

Check back soon for a series of new photos.

Emerald Forest

Emerald Forest

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2 Responses to Emerald Forest

  1. Sherry Galey says:

    Congrats, Ginny. It’s beautiful.

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