Feathers in the Sky

The wind, clouds and sunsets combined these past few weeks have left incredible masterpieces in the sky. Last night, at the last minute I decided to take a quick five-minute car ride and head to one of my favourite spots. I got there just in time.

Sky Feathers

Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a time lapse when the skies were so awesome. (396 photos – stacked, lightened, blended, merged, processed in PS) Difficult to decide which one I like the best. The stacked photos are always a pleasant surprise, but the still accentuates the feathers in the sky.

Sky Feathers396

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Fields of Sunshine

It’s the season for golden rod, dandelions and sunflowers in the Ottawa region. Someone once asked me what my favourite flower was. My answer was, ‘Yellow’. I absolutely love yellow roses, yellow sunflowers, yellow buttercups and even yellow dandelions! I can’t say that I love yellow golden rod, although a field of it is quite beautiful to look at.

I’ve seen a number of photo postings of sunflowers lately, and yesterday I found my own fields of sunshine about five minutes from my home. I managed to capture an hours worth of time-lapse pics before the afternoon of storms hit.

You can find some of the photos in https://myndsiphotos.wordpress.com/photo-stacking/ but here is my favourite from the windy day. Look closely and you can see the cars zipping by in the background. (340 photos stacked, blended, merged, etc.)

Fields of Sunshine

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Sunset on the Ottawa River

I was asked if the same process of stacking photos works on night pics. Here’s last night’s sunset on the Ottawa River. I was a little disappointed with the sunset, and there wasn’t a lot of cloud movement but enough to give off a beautiful display – along with a satellite and a spinning sailboat anchored in the bay.

(395 pics taken 4 seconds apart)

Sunset on the Ottawa River -395

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Ottawa Rock Art

Every year in Ottawa, after the water levels go down a bit, the shoreline fills with amazing rock art. John Felice Ceprano, has been been creating balanced natural rock sculptures in Ottawa since 1986, and has received an annual contract with the National Capital Commission since 2000 to continue.

After the Ottawa Bawi (Balanced Art World International) Festivals in August, there will be hundreds of shapes and sizes to view. I managed to get a few pictures this week of the beginnings of this year’s works of art…..396 in fact. All stacked, blended and processed together into one photo. I love the sculptures, and I love the cloud action going on behind them on this day.

Stone Sculpturesweb396

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After the Storm

I never thought I’d become a ‘storm chaser’, but yesterday I found myself jumping into the car loaded with equipment to find some action. Seeking out some good lightning shots, I headed off to the open fields near my house. Just as I was setting up the biggest bolt lit up the sky, but of course I wasn’t ready…..and then…. it was over. The storm had passed already. There was a slight wind and bit of drizzle, and that’s it.

Since I was already out, I decided to set up to capture some cloud and sunset movement. A kind police officer came by and kept his eye on me about 500m away, likely wondering what I was up to.

282 shots, 4 seconds apart. Stacked, lightened and blended in photoshop. This is the outcome. Notice the multiple barns? Lesson learned: Don’t set up at the side of the road. Every time a car went by, the tripod shifted a bit. But I especially liked the effect of the wind blowing the grass, so I processed the photos.  Check out the other stacked photos on the site at https://myndsiphotos.wordpress.com/photo-stacking/

After the Storm

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Wacky Fireworks

Sometimes I’m a bit of a photography rebel and like be different from others. Shooting fireworks on Canada Day was no exception. Everyone I know was headed down to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to stake out their viewing spot. At the last minute we decided to go into Kanata and check out the smaller display. It was a bit disappointing compared to my usual exciting time on the Hill, but it served my purposes well, allowing me to get a bit closer to the action.

Using a 50mm lens with the shutter on Bulb mode (Canon 5D Mkiii), I started every shot out of focus and refocused throughout the shot. The shutter was open for about three seconds. Several factors determined how the photo turned out – amount of time the shutter was open, f-stop, and the fireworks themselves.

Here’s a sneak peek at the outcome. You will see some flower-like shapes and some sea-creature types. For more photos, check out my page Wacky Fireworks https://myndsiphotos.wordpress.com/?page_id=969&preview=true

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Always Trying New Things

The day I picked up a camera was the day I discovered a hidden part of myself. Photography is also my way of slowing down, escaping the norm and watching the world move at a more peaceful pace. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful this world is….yet it is so easy to miss that beauty when our lives are so busy.

Some photographers have a uniform, recognizable style. To me, it seems limiting to only photograph the world in one way, so I am always experimenting with different techniques to make a photograph come to life. I like to look for something of interest to photograph and then look beyond it to find a different way to take the shot. Photography allows me to get outside the box, be a bit rebellious, break some rules and get away with it.

My plan was to combine over 300 pics into one, but sadly I got rained out. The photo below was taken just before a rain storm. It is a combination of only 45 pictures taken every three seconds. I love the patterns the cloud movements make.

Waiting for another good cloudy day or a beautiful sunset….In the meantime this is what I got.


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